SIM is the member of iSchools, and IFLA, and international member of ALA. SIM has built long-term and stable cooperative relationships with UNESCO, IFLA, ALA and the United Board, and favorable academic exchange relationships with many library and information schools and in more than10 countries and regions including USA, Japan, Canada, France, UK and Germany. SIM has also established the International Cooperative Academy of Library and Information Science(ICALIS) to promote the research innovation of internationa1 Library and Information Science. We are committed to pursuing international research at the highest Level.

6.jpgSIM has set up faculty members and students exchange programs with numerous international LIS schools, and been annually sending five to ten teachers and researchers to conduct studies or research in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or abroad, from where the students and faculty member are also invited and accepted to SIM. Every year 10 to 20 experts from overseas are invited to SIM to offer courses and deliver academic lectures. SIM has successfully held a series of significant international conferences, including International Conference on Information Resources and Social Development, Sino-U.S. International Seminar on Library and Information Science Education Development in the Digital Age, International Seminar on Publishing Industry Development and Talent Cultivation, the Annual Conference of China Association of Information Systems, and Cross-straits Conference on Library and Information Science. SIM has also held Sino-U.S. Senior Seminars on Library Science, UNESCO Training the Trainer Information Literacy Workshop, and some international summer camps, such as International College Students Information Literacy and Information Professional Leadership Summer Camps.