The achievement as mental health education advanced collectives of Wuhan University 2015
2016-01-22 08:50:19

On the morning of January 7th, 2016, the Wuhan University 2015 appraisal of advanced collectives of college students’ mental health education was held in classroom 201 of the College Students Innovation and Practice Center. Among 19 reporting schools, our school won the first place by top 1 on defense score and comprehensive ranking. And this was the third time that our school won the honor continuously.


The defense part was accomplished by Ms. Qi Tian who is the college students’ mental health educator of our school. In 2015, the mental health educating work insisted the principle of ‘people oriented, precaution emphasis and individual development’, under the guidance of school leaders, with the effort of undergraduate department, postgraduate department instructors and class tutors, established ‘5+2’system and 100% coverage of metal health education, built friendly instructing and training mechanism, achieved mutual help and self-help benign interaction, integrated ‘4+N+1’activity system and improved individual development which accomplished the task of the Center on quantity and quality Highlighting the "information management style.


The mental health work got good comments from the field judges and other schools. In the coming 2016, our school will inherit the school spirit of ‘Pioneering and creative, pragmatic entrepreneurship, leading the innovation’ in accordance with the requirements of Wuhan University, summarize the experience, innovate the practice to reach new heights in the work of mental health education.