iConference 2017: the First-ever Asia-based iConference
2017-03-27 16:20:11

iConference 2017 takes place on March 22-25, 2017, in Wuhan, China. The annual gathering of 2017 is jointly hosted by the Wuhan University School of Information Management and Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University Library & Information Science and Data Science Department. This first-ever Asia-based iConference brings together more than 500 scholars and researchers addressing critical information issues in contemporary society.

The theme of iConference 2017 is “Effect • Expand • Evolve: Global Collaboration across the Information Community.” There is a wide range of presentation topics: interpersonal interaction, information behavior, data mining, information retrieval, knowledge discovery, social media, data science, information education, information organization and so forth. The iConference pushes the theoretical boundaries of information studies and provides an interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing platform for scholars and researchers all around the world. iConference 2017 has received more than 400 submissions and has more than 500 registrations.

At the opening ceremony, President Xiankang Dou of Wuhan Univerity (WHU) gave a speech. It is said by President Dou that WHU School of Information Management (SIM) is the oldest and largest top institute of information education and research in China. It is a great honour for SIM to be the first-ever Chinese iSchool also the first among developing countries, as well as the second Asian member on the list of iCaucus. Dou hopes that iConference 2017 would gather global advancing information researches and push academic collaboration and innovation moving forward.

Professor Qing Fang, Dean of WHU SIM, and Professor Sam Oh from Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University Library & Information Science and Data Science Department, respectively delivered speeches. Besides, there are presentations given by Mike Eisenberg, founder of iSchool movement and founding president of University of Washington Information School, Jason Rollins from Thomson Reuters and Dongmin Li from Baidu.

iConference sessions include Completed Papers, Preliminary Papers, Workshops, iSchool Best Practices, Deans Meeting, Early Career Colloquium, Sessions for Interaction and Engagement (SIE), Special Chinese Papers Track, Doctoral Student Colloquium and so forth. In addition, Chinese Papers Track and iSchool Best Practices are newly added programs in 2017.

It is known that iConference is the annual gathering of scholars, researchers and professionals who share an interest in information issues, especially a participating must for iSchool members, iCaucus and their Deans. WHU SIM was honored to host iConference 2017 in February, 2015. The success of iConference 2017 has a considerable impact on China’s information education and research, and to a great extent has improved its global academic influence and value.