Voice! Department Chairs Forum of Professional Guidance for SIM Freshmen
2017-04-21 11:13:52

Recently, School of Information Management (SIM) has held a series of lectures concerning first-year undergraduates choosing future professional directions. SIM department directors and teachers all gave speeches, shared their research experience and introduced features of different professional directions, offering guidance to the first-year undergraduates.

Management Science and Engineering Program

Lecture of Information Management and Information System Department was held on March 30. Quan Lu, Director of department, and Deputy Directors, Yongqiang Sun, Lu An and Tingting Jiang attended. Quan Lu gave a detailed introduction about basic information, strength, characteristic and developing prospects of the major. Teachers also answered questions on education objectives, career prospects and academic program to which students pay much attention. Quan Lu explained the significance of Information Management and Information System in the information era, and warmly welcomed students to apply for further study in this field.


On April 6, Lecture of Electronic Commerce Department was held and attended by Director of department, Jiang Wu, Deputy Directors, Yiwei Gong and Yang Zhao, and professional teacher, Lin Wang. The lecture given by Jiang Wu focused on department introduction, curriculum, education strength and objectives. Lin Wang replied questions upon computer programming courses and career prospects that students concern. Yiwei Gong illustrated the advantages of studying E-Commerce for further graduate research. Yang Zhao explained the innovative education of E-Commerce undergraduate program.


Information Management ScienceProgram

Lecture of Editing and Publishing Science Department was held on March 30. Lifang Xu, Director of department, and Deputy Directors, Yongchun Yao, Jie Xu and Ziyang Weng attended. Jie Xu mainly introduced future career of this major and reminded students to have a clear developing direction. Lifang Xu talked about major features and pointed out that suitability is most important when choosing a major. While Ziyang Weng suggested to read more books improving logical thinking instead of earning more money during college years. At last, Yao warmly welcomed students to apply for further study in this field.


On April 6, Lecture of Library Science Department was held and attended by Director of department, Dan Wu, Deputy Directors, Zhiqiang Wu and Gang Wu and Siluo Yang. Dan Wu presented the education strength, discipline advantages and distinguished alumnus of the department. Then the rest three teachers successively gave brief introductions about further study and career direction of undergraduates and graduates at home and abroad.


Department of Archives held the lecture on April 8. Xincai Wang, Director of Wuhan University Library, Yaolin Zhou, SIM Associate Dean, Qiuhui Xiao, Director of department, Ping Wang and Jiming Hu, Deputy Directors, and professional teachers Yuan Cheng , Ke Dong and Qikai Cheng attended the event. First, Xincai Wang summarized the features of the discipline. Based on his career, Yaolin Zhou emphasized that suitability is most important. Qiuhui Xiao gave some basic information of the discipline. As a whole, teachers all think the science of Archives is of great value in social industries and practical application.


SIM Lecture Series of Professional Guidance is a traditional activity open to SIM first-year undergraduates, aiming at providing students with assistance on professional study and career planning. Besides, there are several similar activities, such as class meeting, instructor talks, alumnus sessions and corporate visit.