Professor Ma Feicheng and Other Scholars Participated in IS4IS Summit Gothenburg 2017
2017-10-27 10:49:55

On June 12th, 2017, the elites of the information circle from 27 countries including Sweden, China, the US, England, Israel, Australia, Germany and Austria gathered at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and took part in IS4IS Summit Gothenburg 2017. Professor Ma Feicheng, the chief scientist of Information Resources Research Center, and Huo Chaoguang, a doctoral student, were invited to the summit.

International Society for Information Studies hosts the summit every two years. The 2017 summit revolved around the topics like sustainability in the digital world, theoretical information studies, ecology of information studies, computing and cognitive morphology, foundations of Information Science, and cognitive computing, which included keynotes, sessions and doctoral student symposiums.

Professor Ma Feicheng chaired the session of information ecology. In this session, Huo Chaoguang, a doctoral student, showed the research on the communication of health knowledge co-authored with Professor Ma Feicheng, discussed the information communication in the information ecology of social media based on the cultural features of Chinese social media and the features of health knowledge, and had an in-depth communication with the IS4IS Summit experts about the problem of information ecology.

The summit involved several professional academic topics including philosophy of information, Shannon's Theorem, semantic information, information ecology and artificial intelligence, and also covered the topics related to people's livelihood around the world like children’s electronic addiction and whether artificial intelligence could substitute for natural intelligence, which built a communicative platform for pleasure for all the scholars to establish academic relationship.

After the summit in Gothenburg, Professor Ma Feicheng visited China Certification & Inspection Group Europe B.V. and Leiden University, and discussed the cooperation intentions in relevant programs.



Group photo at the summit