The English academic journal of open access Data and Information Management started its publication: developing the top discipline based on the international perspective
2017-10-30 14:23:46

In the era of big data, information technology has spread over all the aspects of the social life. Professor Gary King, the professor of social science at Harvard University, has said, “It’s a revolution. [...] The march of quantification, made possible by enormous new sources of data, will sweep through academia, business and government.” To promote the interdisciplinary data-driven research on information management, Data and Information Management (ISSN 2543-9251) organized by School of Information Management and the Center for Studies of Information Resources at Wuhan University and published by De Gruyter, the Germany’s famous global academic publisher, started its publication in September, 2017. This journal takes advantage of the superiority in scientific research of Wuhan University and the publishing platform of De Gruyter, and commits itself to creating a professional, high-quality and international open access journal.

Data and Information Management focuses on the theoretical and technological innovation related to data and information management, and all kinds of large-scale data set and its managerial problems, in order to guide and encourage authors to make interdisciplinary and comprehensive data-driven research on the combination of information science, management science and computer science. The journal also attempts to provide effective theoretical and decision-making support for academic organizations, governmental departments and corporate management based on scientific data, governmental data and business data and from the aspects of information technology/procedure as well as management and society, covering the spheres including management of scientific research, public management and corporate management. The topics of the research take on the aspects of knowledge discovery and organization, cloud computing, machine learning, information visualization, human-computer interaction, information organization and retrieval, digital humanities, information literacy, academic data analysis and evaluation, web/data/text mining, and involve the data engineering construction in the fields of smart city, smart government, smart health, smart education and financial service, and application or case research related to big data analysis.

Professor Ma Feicheng, a senior scholar of humanities & social sciences at Wuhan University, and Professor Gary Marchionini, an educator at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, are the chief editors of this journal, and Professor Zhang Xiaojuan from Wuhan University acts as the executive editor. The members of the editorial board include 16 well-known oversea scholars from Europe, America and Asian-pacific region and more than 10 famous scholars from China’s best universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Renmin University of China and Wuhan University.

Data and Information Management publishes 4 issues every year, and each issue includes 5 essays. In order to promote academic communication and dissemination, this journal adopts open access as its publishing model which is encouraged by the academic journal circle nowadays, that is, it provides readers with full text for fee and offers authors all-round value-added services and incentive policies. Apart from the advantages of high-level peer review, high-quality editing, highly integrated publishing platform, and highly efficient online dissemination, the authors also publish their essays for free, and once the essays are accepted, the authors can receive remuneration from the journal. In addition, in the first year of issue, the journal will select 6 excellent essays based on their quality, which will be rewarded.

The first issue of the journal has been published on September in 2017. Readers at home and abroad are warmly welcomed, and we are grateful for your attention and support!

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