Professor Ping Fu from CWU gave a keynote speech in SIM
2018-01-03 16:05:05

Professor Ping Fu, the tenured professor of U.S. Central Washington University (CWU), came to School of Information Management (SIM) in the morning of November 27th, 2017, who gave a keynote speech themed Top Library Tech Trends in the 212 academic report hall of SIM. The speech was hosted by Professor Wu Dan, in which Professor Si Li and Professor Liu Ping, Yang Siluo and Wu Gang, the vice professors of the SIM, as well as Xia Zhengwei, the director of Library System participated.

Professor Ping Fu is the tenured professor of Library Services of CWU and the head of Library Technology Services, whose research fields cover digital library, integrated library system, institutional repository, discovery platform and the application of artificial intelligence to library. Professor Ping Fu has successively been one of the data conversion programmers in SirsiDynix Inc. which is a library system provider, one of the systems librarians of Yale University Library, and the head of systems of Singapore Management University Library.


In the speech, Professor Ping Fu gave a vivid description though video about 10 and 7 latest library technologies respectively suggested in the 2017 Midwinter Meeting of American Library Association (ALA) and in the 2017 ALA annual conference. The former ones included taking patrons on a virtual tour of library, making Google Cardboard sets, going on a Google Expedition, teaching with gamification platforms, getting coding with Code School, making circuits with tech-loving students, teaching patrons about private browsing, creating strong passwords with a roll of the dice, streamlining with data-driven development and developing your own applications. The latter ones consisted of wireless charging, cloud computing, open source, makerspaces in libraries, social media outreach, open licensing, ebook innovations. Professor Ping Fu also reviewed the 8 innovative technologies to implement at the library of the future suggested by Piotr Kowalczyk. The cutting-edge technologies were made up of APPs, devices, softwares, best practices, book delivery drone, digital interface for printed books, cloud computing, makerspaces, social media, open licensing, ebook innovations, as well as augmented reality and visual reality technologies which could be adopted by libraries. Besides, the speech also briefly discussed the 2017 Library Edition of NMC Horizon Report, shared library technology, integration of digital resources in library collections and open access, as well as the latest application of artificial intelligence to libraries.



The atmosphere of the speech was very lively and the style of Professor Ping Fu’s speech was acclaimed by all the faculty and students. During the Q & A session, Professor Si Li expressed the sincere thanks to Professor Ping Fu and his introduction of the top library tech trends on behalf of all the faculty and students attending the speech, and based on the 2017 Library Edition of NMC Horizon Report, asked what technologies could be prior realized in the Chinese libraries. Professor Ping Fu noted that due to the cost, low-cost technologies could be easily achieved. However, libraries needed to develop core technologies like shared library technology, discovery platform and institutional repository to pursue long-term development. Finally, the speech ended with warm applause.