COINFO 2017 was hosted by ISTIC, SIM and CSIR of Wuhan University
2018-01-03 16:09:30

On December 1st, 2017, COINFO 2017 hosted by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), the School of Information Management (SIM) and the Center for Studies of Information Resources (CSIR) of Wuhan University was held in Beijing, the theme of which was Scientific and Technological Resources Sharing and Modern Service Industry. One keynote session and two workshops including Medical Artificial Intelligence and Big Data as well as Digital Manufacturing and Industrial Network were set, which attracted more than 100 representatives to further study and explore the latest theories and practices of scientific and technological resources sharing and modern service industry.

Professor Li Gang, the director of the CSIR made a keynote speech themed Resources Integration and City Data Images, and highlighted his research on city data images, which covered the aspects of problems faced by the cities, the transformation of city space models, the backgrounds of city data images like big data of cities under CPS, the model and significance of city data images. Professor Lu Wei, the deputy dean of the SIM, hosted the workshop of Medical Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

The COINFO has successively held 11 sessions, which is the gathering of top academic communication in the field of scientific and technological information. During the 11 years, more than 2200 experts and scholars as well as postgraduate students have attended the COINFO and exchanged academic views, which made COINFO a carrier of resources integration and achievements showcase. In compliance with the important spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the COINFO 2017 revolves around the theme of Scientific and Technological Resources Sharing and Modern Service Industry, providing a sound communicative platform for experts and scholars attending the meeting.