The Faculty and Students of the SIM Went to Sheffield, UK to join in iConference 2018
2018-04-23 14:55:07

From March 25th to 28th, the iConference 2018 that is held annually was hosted in Sheffield, UK. Led by Fang Qing, the dean of the School of Information Management (SIM), Huang Ruhua, the deputy dean and Li Gang, the director of the Center for Studies of Information Resources, our school’s faculty and students of which the total number is 17 participated in this academic conference and had a comprehensive and close academic communication with the international scholars and students.

The iConference is the academic conference in which iSchools members, the deans who are the iCaucus members of iSchools, and the deputy deans who are in charge of scientific research have to join each year, and is the top international academic conference in the field of Library and Information Studies. As the only one Chinese member in the iCaucus membership, the SIM hosted the iConference 2017 together with the Library and Information Science and Data Science Department of Sungkyunkwan University, and it was the first time that the iConference had been held in Asia.

The iConference 2018 of which the theme is “transforming digital worlds” was hosted by the University of Sheffield and the Northumbria University, attracting 468 registered scholars totally. The communicative forms are abundant, including 42 completed papers, 40 preliminary results papers, 67 posters for peer review, 10 thought-provoking academic workshops and 13 special sessions for interaction and engagement. In this conference, 3 completed papers, 2 preliminary results papers, 5 posters and 1 best practice paper of the SIM were published, and the SIM had a comprehensive and heated discussion with the international scholars and students. The SIM faculty and students did well in the conference, which affirms the achievements of our school in the field of Library and Information Science and encourages the progress of our school towards the platform of international academic communication.

It is said that the iConference is one of the international conferences our school has mainly subsidized. Recently, our school has advocated the active participation of our school’s faculty and students in important international academic conferences and activities, to improve the international academic communicative ability, keep up with and strive to lead the international research fronts, and strengthen our school’s international influence and popularity, which is of great significance to the improvement of our school’s international academic status.