Mr. Patrick, the vice professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University gave a lecture in our school
2018-06-19 09:43:19

In the morning of May 17th, 2018, Mr. Patrick, the vice professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to our school and gave the speech themed “Knowledge Management: A Journey of Development and Evolution” in 206 meeting room, and the lecture was presided over by Professor Wu Jiang of our school. Mr. Patrick as the senior scholar in the circle of Hong Kong knowledge management has been engaged in knowledge management for years and been responsible for several research programs, and published more than 150 papers. In this lecture, he showed how an organization or entity made use of their ability of knowledge management to transform and create new things in the ever-changing environment.


The way of knowledge production and communication based on internet is changing people’s way to learning and to manage their firms, and knowledge management has been the focus of psychology, pedagogy and management, etc. Mr. Patrick suggested an enlightening idea: the core concept of knowledge management was knowledge, the nature of which was to innovate, and the driving power was to capture the conventional knowledge and develop it in the potential learners. The difficulty of knowledge management was to obtain and process the tacit knowledge, and to lower the processing difficulty of tacit knowledge by a series of knowledge visualized softwares. Mr. Patrick emphasized that in the knowledge management, knowledge was not necessarily the experience of success, while failure and mistakes could also be the invaluable knowledge, especially in a firm, where we could learn from failure to avoid the same problems.

Mr. Patrick later introduced two ways to improve performance by knowledge management: one is by structuring the culture of an organization and establishing working procedure to promote the mutual learning and knowledge sharing among the organization members; the other is by using educational technologies to design, develop, use and manage learning process with the purpose to strengthen the learning effect. With the development of information technologies, online forums and communities had played important roles in knowledge management. The personal tacit knowledge once limited by time and space could be shared with more people on online platforms and the popularity of mobile devices provided several choices for enterprises and learners, which benefited the development of personalized learning models and improved the engagement of learners.


Finally, Mr. Patrick summarized that the advance of the artificial intelligence and human capital had gradually been forming the learning society, with the more broad and in-depth application and research in knowledge management. The atmosphere of the lecture was lively, and in the Q & A session, the teachers and students had an interactive communication with Mr. Patrick. The lecture was concluded in the warm applause.