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The SIM opening ceremony for the new students of the academic year 2017-2018
2017-11-06 14:34:49

At 19:00 on September 8th, the opening ceremony for the new students of the academic year 2017-2018 was held in the Building of Humanities and Social Sciences by School of Information Management (SIM). All the leadership of SIM and directors and vice directors of each departments and center attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Wang Hua, the CPC deputy secretary of SIM.


“SIM is the largest-scale and most powerful educational and research organization of information management with longest history, and its comprehensive strength of disciplines ranks first nationwide, fourth worldwide,” said by Professor Fang Qing, one of the Changjiang Scholars and the dean of SIM. He also introduced the historical evolvement, discipline development, talent training and fine traditions of SIM from the aspects of school, discipline, scholar and student, and hoped that the new students could adapted themselves to the university life as soon as possible, focused on study and research, and inherited the good tradition that the SIM students serve China, the society, and the Chinese people.


“Ability to think and learn is the inexhaustible wealth of our lifetime,” said by Professor Sun Yongqiang, the representative of the faculty, one of the Changjiang Young Scholars and the vice director of Department of Information Management Science. He as a teacher and senior schoolmate advised the students to be devoted to study and research, insist on their dreams, and pave the way for their dreams with self-discipline and introspection.


Song Meiqi, the representative of senior students and the president of SIM Graduate Student Union, suggested to the new students that they should stay true to their original selves, choose and experience interested clubs and societies, and learn to persevere. Yang Ting who belonged to the subject category of library and information science as well as archives management, the representative of the new students, expressed the determination of the new students that they would follow the spirit of the university motto, that is, “Self-improvement, Perseverance, Truth-seeking & Innovation" with their practices to become the creative, practical and pioneering students of SIM.



Finally, Professor Lu Wei, the deputy dean of SIM and one of the Changjiang Young Scholars, introduced the features and advantages of SIM, and advised the new undergraduate students to learn self-management and self-restraint, and the new graduate students to try to transform their mindset from learning to research, trying to become the first-rate SIM students.


It was said that to help new students accommodate the university life, SIM has recently held several lectures and communicative activities themed University Talents Training Plan and Interpretation of Learning Plan, Regulations and Life Planning for University Students, Cultural Life at University, as well as the meetings of graduate students with their mentors, and the parent meeting themed Adaptive Education at University and Psychological Health. Besides, peer activities like Presents to the Dormitories by Student CPC Members and all kinds of class meetings were held, so as to make all the new students feel the warmth of Wuhan University.