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Library and Information Science of the SIM, Wuhan University Ranks A+ in the Fourth-round National Discipline Assessment
2018-04-23 14:48:39

China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) of the Ministry of Education unveiled on December 28th the outcomes of the fourth-round national discipline assessment, in which Library and Information Science of the School of Information Management (SIM), Wuhan University ranks A+ in the A ranking.

It is reported that the discipline of Library and Information Science has 3 A rankings, 12 B rankings, 12 C rankings, among which Wuhan University and Nanjing University rank A+. The universities are seeded in this assessment according to the ranking percentage in relation to the overall scores of disciplines to announce the assessment outcomes, and the first 70% in the rankings are divided into 9 levels: the first 2% (or the first and second) as A+, 2% to 5% (2% not included, and the same below ) as A, 5% to 10% as A-, 10% to 20% as B+, 20% to 30% as B, 30% to 40% as B-, 40% to 50% as C+, 50% to 60% as C, 60% to 70% as C-.

The purpose of this assessment is mainly to follow and carry out China’s graduate education development policy, showcase the achievements of discipline development, and fulfill the overall targets of improving the quality, optimizing the structure, encouraging the features, developing the full potential of higher education. The assessment is also to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of disciplines as well as their unbalanced and inadequate development and bring out the full potential of higher education through the evaluation of the achievements and quality of discipline development, as well as satisfy the social need to know the education quality, providing services for the society to understand and analyze the information of the level and quality of disciplines.