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The Female Faculty and Staff Gave Their Best Performance to Celebrate International Working Women's Day
2018-04-23 14:50:52

Accompanied by cheery blossom and wintersweet, the female faculty and staff of our school put in an excellent performance. Organized by Fu Xingrong, the CPC Secretary, Wang Hua, the CPC Deputy Secretary, and Hu Wei, the chairman of the Faculty and Staff Union of Wuhan University, our school joined the group dancing competition of the female faculty and staff named Dancing in Wuhan University and Show Our Spirit held by the Faculty and Staff Union, and was rewarded the Best Creativity Award.

The dance is produced and performed by our school, which is a classic dancing with the characteristic of our school. It is lively and remarkable, and vividly describes the positive spirit of the female faculty and staff in our school.

It is acknowledged that the 16 competitors include the leadership, faculty and administration of our school. They spent lots of rest time in much training with instructors Geng Changzhi and Liu Zhenbang, overcame several difficulties and finally showcased the spirit of our school with their cooperation.