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Professor Li Gang’s Article in Guang Ming Daily Was Fully Reprinted in Xin Hua Wen Zhai
2018-04-27 11:00:25

The article named “Implementing National Big Data Strategy to Construct Digital China” written by Professor Li Gang, the director of the Center for Studies of Information Resources (CSIR), and originally published in Guang Ming Daily has been fully reprinted in the issue 8 of 2018 Xin Hua Wen Zhai recently.

The article is the initial research achievement of the Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China named “National Security Big Data Comprehensive Information Integration and Analysis Methods,” and clearly interprets from the professional perspective the spirit of the speech made by Xi Jinping about employing the national big data strategy in the second group study of the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China on December 8th, 2017. Based on the spirit of the speech made by Xi Jinping, the article holds that it is of great significance and value to promote big data strategy in the national level, comprehensively draw up the blueprint of Digital China, and integrate the social resources in the development of sharing economy. It also suggest the anticipated path to fully promote the national big data strategy from six aspects including strengthening the view of big data as a resource, building the ecosystem of big data, discovering the law of big data pulse, creating smart data, establishing the value chain network of big data and constructing Digital China.

After its publication in Guang Ming Daily, the article has exerted wide influence on the academia. That the article has been fully reprinted in the issue 8 of 2018 Xin Hua Wen Zhai not only affirms the value of the article and the academic level of the author, but symbolizes the breakthrough made by the researchers of the CSIR in the aspect of scientific research achievements, which is also the important result of all kinds of measures having made by the CSIR to strengthen discipline development, improve the level of academic research and call for academic achievements of quality.

As the comprehensive, academic and informative semimonthly digest managed by People’s Publishing House, Xin Hua Wen Zhai is deemed as an authoritative periodical by nationwide universities and colleges as well as scientific research institutions in that the articles in it represent the academic thoughts at the cutting edge of all fields. Xin Hua Wen Zhai also enjoys very high academic status and reputation in the academia and the circle of periodicals, receiving the focus and trust of the academia and the circle of thinkers, even the intelligentsia.