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The School of Information Management, Wuhan University hosted the Teaching Contest of Young Teachers
2018-06-19 09:38:25

On May 17th, 2018, the Teaching Contest of Young Teachers hosted by the School of Information Management (SIM), Wuhan University was held in the Room 202 of the SIM. 6 candidates were selected by organizing lecturing contest or gathering inspectors to listen to young teachers’ lectures, etc. In the contest, the spirited candidates made comprehensible and highlighted lectures with passion, and their PPTs were designed in a creative way, indicating the excellence of the young teachers of our school. After the fierce contest and the scoring of the experts, 2 teachers received the first prize, including Mr. Yang Siluo and Ms. Wang Nan, and 4 got the second prize, including Mr. Zhao Yiming, Mr. Hong Liang, Mr. Yuan Xiaoqun, and Mr. Cheng Qikai.

After the contest, 5 experts commented on the teaching performance of the young teachers from the aspects like instructional design, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching tools and teachers’ dressing, and gave their suggestions. They affirmed the design of the PPTs, cases used in the teaching and the liveliness of the lectures. That Cheng Qikai had cited the foreign references deserved other teachers’ learning. Besides, the experts indicated ways to overcome the weaknesses, including writing on the blackboard, speaking in soft and measured tones, avoiding colloquial words and phrases, and paying attention to the teaching bearing and behavior. The valuable suggestions given by the experts would play the part in promoting the teaching level of the young teachers of our school.

Finally, Mr. Yang Siluo and Ms. Wang Nan were recommended by our school to the further contests.