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The Faculty and Students of Department of Archives and Government Information Studies in 2018 AERI Annual Meeting
2018-09-10 10:49:41

On July 8th to 13th, 2018, the 2018 annual meeting of Archival Education and Research Institutes (AERI) was held in the University of Alabama, US. AERI is the cooperative organization of archival education and scientific research initiated by leading universities in archival education around the US, whose goal is to promote the young archival scholars’ mastery of archival studies by carrying out the research on the frontiers of archival studies, providing scholarship support, encouraging course reform and teaching innovation, and to advance the academic communication of archival studies to achieve the development. Professor Xiao Qiuhui, the director of Department of Archives and Government Information Studies in our university, Xu Xiaotong, Ph.D., Sun Jingqiong, Ph.D., and Huang Yujing, Ph.D. joined in the meeting and showed their papers.

Professor Xiao Qiuhui and Xu Xiaotong, Ph.D., made research and evaluation on the current situation of electronic document management in Wuhan, and Sun Jingqiong, Ph.D. explored the opportunities and challenges of the classification and storage of intangible cultural heritages, and Huang Yujing, Ph.D. made a review and introduction of the history and current situation of Chinese minorities’ archival heritage protection. After the meeting, they had friendly communication with several renowned archival scholars like Professor Anne Gilliland, the initiator of AERI and the leading figure in Information Studies Department of University of California, Los Angeles, and Professor Patricia Galloway, the leader of School of Information, University of Texas-Austin.


The Group Photo of Some Participators in the Meeting


The Group Photo of the Members of Our School Together with the Faculty and Students of Renmin University and Sun Yet-san University in Attendance