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The Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly, Professor of Copenhagen Business School, Chen Zhiwei had a speech at the School of Information Management
2018-10-29 10:30:11

On the afternoon of Sept.19th, 2018, the associate editor of MIS Quarterly, Professor of Copenhagen Business School, Chen Zhiwei arrived at the School of Information Management and had a wonderful academic speech at Room 212. The Associate Professor of Aalto University in Finland, Liu Yong, the Associate Professor of University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Cai Zhao and the Ph.D students of Professor Chen went together with Professor Chen. The speech title was “A set-Theoretic Approach to Topical Configurations in Online Health care Reviews”.

The speech was hosted by Prof. Deng Shenli, who was the professor of the School of Information Management. And the Vice-Dean of the School of Information Management, Prof. Lu Wei, as well as the Prof. Zhang Xiaojuan, Prof. Sun  Yongqiang, Prof. Liu Ping, Associate Professor Zhao Yiming and some graduate students attended the speech. People were so interested in the speech that all seats were occupied.

Except the associate editor of MIS Quarterly, Professor of Copenhagen Business School, Chen Zhiwei was also the senior visiting scholar of the Information Systems & Technology Management, UNSW Business School, the international visiting scholar of the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China. He mainly focused on the digital service including the service design and creation.

Firstly, Prof. Chen introduced the recent development of the online medical platform and raised the point that reviews on online medical platform could be an important information resource for patients to get help. And then, Prof. Chen put forward a question that how to promote the usefulness of reviews. After listening and answering audience’s thinking and questions, Prof. Chen concluded some core attributes and peripheral factors.

Next, Prof. Chen deeply expounded on the characteristic of serious disease, acute disease, chronic disease and pediatric ward. Besides, Prof. Chen pointed out that core attributes and peripheral factors were different when users have difference disease. After that, Prof.Chen illustrated his research method and findings in detail. Specifically, Prof. Chen classified the whole topic into nine categories including medical ethics, medical skill, communication, prescription, fees and procedure. And he used topic mining method to do the qualitative analysis, and showed the usefulness of different topic combinations. Lastly, Prof. Chen also discussed about the research weakness and the future development.

During the Q&A session, students asked some questions about the multifactor theorem, topic mining technology, data collection and so on of the research. Prof. Chen answered every question seriously in detail.

At the end of the speech, Prof. Deng represented the audience to thank Prof. Chen for coming and giving the wonderful speech. The speech was over with rapturous applause.