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The 18th International Society for Knowledge Organization Conference (ISKO 2024)

March 20th – 22nd 2024

Wuhan, China & Online



Conference Venue: Hyatt Regency Wuhan Optics Valley


Address: No. 1077, Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Postal code:430074

地址:中国湖北省武汉市洪山区珞喻路 1077 号, 邮编:430074

Conference registration: https://isko2024.whu.edu.cn/Registration.htm

Hotel reservation with conference discounts (享受会议折扣的酒店预订): https://isko2024.whu.edu.cn/Travel_Hotels/Hotels.htm 或扫描以下二维码预订优惠价格的酒店房间

As of 12 March 2024 (subject to change).

All sessions will be presented on the dates and times noted below. Times shown in Wuhan, China Time (GMT+8) unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, 19th of March


Location: Lobby, 1st Floor, Hyatt

Conference registration and check-in


Location: Café, 1st Floor, Hyatt



Location: Room 412, School of Information Management, Wuhan University

ISKO Board Meeting (Board members only)

Wednesday, 20th of March


Registration desk - open

Location: Lobby, 1st Floor, Hyatt


Chair: Prof. Lu An

Location: Banquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Opening Remarks

Vice President of Wuhan University

Prof. Qizhu Tang

Senior Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, Wuhan University

Prof. Feicheng Ma

General chairs

Prof. Wei Lu and Prof. Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros

Group photo



Dr David Haynes

Location: Banquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Keynote - Knowledge Organization for Resilience in Times of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Birger Hjørland


Location: Outside Banquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Coffee break



Dr Joseph Busch

Location: Banquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 1- Knowledge organization system

Ÿ A Visionary Website(s) for Enhancing Access to Scholarly Understanding (Rick Szostak)

Ÿ Organizing Knowledge through Revealing Data in Knowledgebases (Jian Qin and Qiaoyi Liu)

Ÿ Knowledge Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Knowledge Representation Based on Semi-Structured Knowledge Graph (Xingyu Sima, Thierry Coudert, Laurent Geneste and Aymeric de Valroger)

Ÿ Nuclear Semiotics and Knowledge Organization: Five Design Heuristics for Semantic Primitives (John Kausch)


Location: Café, 1st Floor, Hyatt




Prof. Lei Pei

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

主旨报告 - The Intellectual Ability of Traditional Knowledge Organizations (Presentation in Chinese with English caption)

Prof. Xinning Su

主旨报告 - The Linchpin of Curbing the Global Pandemic: A Necessary Conditions Analysis for COVID-19 across 130 Countries (Presentation in Chinese with English caption)

Prof. Yongzhong Sha

主旨报告 - A Glimpse into Cultural Heritage Research: The Functions of Knowledge Organization and Presentation (Presentation in Chinese with English caption)

Prof. Xiaoying Zhou


Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Panel 1 - Maximizing the FAIRness of Cultural Heritage Resources with Conceptual and Infrastructural Models and Knowledge Organization Systems

Marcia Zeng (Kent State University, USA),

Maja Žumer (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia),

Eero Hyvönen (Aalto University and University of Helsinki, Finland),

Cuijuan Xia (Shanghai Library, China),

Hongxing Zhang (Victoria and Albert Museum, UK) and

Etienne Posthumus (FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany)



Prof. Jian Qin

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 2a - Ontology

Ÿ Additional Purposes of Knowledge Organization (Rick Szostak)

Ÿ From Narration to Digital Storytelling: A Research on Scientists' Memory Resources Representation Based on Ontology (Jing Zhou and Li Si)

Ÿ Construction of Multi-Hazard Scenarios Domain Ontology focusing on the Disaster Coupling Effect (Zilin Xie, Meng Lan, Kaixin Shen, Jing Geng, and Wenguo Weng)

Ÿ Characterizing Semantic Ambiguity of the Materials Science Ontologies (Scott McClellan, Yuan An, Xintong Zhao, Xia Lin and Jane Greenberg)



Dr Milena Carvalho

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 2b - Knowledge Organization of Scientific and Technical Literature

Ÿ Identifying the Roles of Method Entities in Scientific papers (Chong Chen, Xingchen Ji, Denghui Shang and Yaxuan Lan)

Ÿ Research on the Evolution of High-Value Patent Technology Innovation Based on Knowledge Graph (Ruye Cao and Shujin Cao)

Ÿ Identifying and Classifying Scientific Unknowns in Clinical Literature (Wenjing Zhao, Jintao Ma, and Jian Du)

Ÿ Keywords Assigned by Scientific Authors as an Indexing Element: A Comparative Study of Representation (Cláudia Santos da Silva Mota de Souza, Franciele Marques Redigolo, Mariângela Spotti Lopes Fujita, and Isidoro Gil Leiva)


Location: Outside Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, and Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Coffee break



Prof. Jiang Wu

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Chair: Dr Jin Mao

Welcome to Wuhan and Wuhan University

Prof. Chuanfu Chen and Prof. Gang Li

Best Practices: (Presentation for 5 minutes each)

Ÿ Use EZID to Create Persistent Identifiers for Digital Objects at the California Digital Library (Jing Jiang and Maria Gould)

Ÿ Digital Preservation Plan: Proposal for the APNOR Polytechnics in Portugal (Milena Carvalho, Susana Martins, Olga Ferreira, and Carla Rocha)

Ÿ Advancing Patient-Centered Radiology Reporting Through AI: Best practices for Utilizing Natural Language Processing with Patient Friendly Terminologies (Selen Bozkurt, Yi Hong, Marie Goddard, Charles E. Kahn, and Jin Zhang)

Ÿ Assisting AI Development: MEtric-driven Mechanism Application (MEMA) Framework for Effective Digest of Scientific Papers (Yongqiang Ma, Jiawei Liu, Qikai Cheng and Wei Lu)

Ÿ A Toolkit for Core Technology Discovery from Company News (Zhu Liang, Zikun Feng, Jiawei Liu, Qikai Cheng and Wei Lu)

Posters (Presentation for 5 minutes each)

Ÿ Exploring the Frontier: Analysis of MARC and BIBFRAME Cataloging Records Generated by ChatGPT and Gemini (Xiaoli Li, Eric H. C. Chow and Tj Kao)

Ÿ From FAIR to SHARE (Jialong Liu, Ningyuan Song and Lei Pei)

Ÿ Extraction and Co-Occurrence Analysis of Serious Adverse Events in Studies on Clinicaltrials.gov (Zitao Liang, Xuanyu Shi and Jian Du)

Ÿ Disruptive Technology Identification Based on Comprehensive Features (Jinzhu Zhang and Yue Liu)

Ÿ Indexing process in research using Verbal Protocol (Jessica Beatriz Tolare and Mariângela Spotti Lopes Fujita)

Ÿ An Automatic Question and Answer System for Intangible Cultural Heritage Based on Knowledge Graph (Yucheng Chen and Fan Yang)

Ÿ Image Analysis of Chinese Indoor Skiing Resorts Based on Online Reviews (Lin Wang, Zhifei Xu, and Yan Wang)

Posters in Chinese

Ÿ Value Theory of Knowledge System Construction: Value Implications, Application Scenarios and Practical Approaches (Jingjia Ding and Xinxin Zhang)

Ÿ A Study of Collaborative Governance of AIGC Application (Weiwei Ding)

Ÿ Research on the Methodology of Chinese Ancient Books Corpus Construction Based on DAMA Data Governance Modeling (Boshen Hu, Qingxiang Yang, and Peiyan Song)

Ÿ The Influence Mechanism of Multidimensional Interaction Behavior of Customers in Corporate Virtual Brand Communities from the Perspective of Individual-Environment Matching (Chengyi Yue, Yan Liu and Jiawei Wu)

Ÿ Visualization Analysis of the University Ecological Education Research Hotspots on Mapping Knowledge Domains (Jing-hong Li)

Ÿ Cluster Analysis and Thematic Deconstruction of Oral Archives for Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreaks in Grassroots Communities: A Case Study of Wuhan City, China (Ke Liu, Sumeng Liao and Yiming Wu)

Ÿ Research on the Quality Evaluation System for Information Disclosure of Sudden Public Incidents by Integrating Objective Indicators and Subjective Public Indicators (Tong Liu, Xubu Ma and Chunxiu Qin)

Ÿ Research on the Impact of Public Health Emergency Prevention and Control Policies on Social Concerns and Public Emotions: Taking "Twenty Measures to Optimize Prevention and Control Work" as an Example (Xubu Ma, Rumeng Zhu, Chunxiu Qin)

Ÿ Research on the Influence Path of User Information Source Selection Diversity on Knowledge Construction (Junren Ming, Liyuan Zhou, Qiuyu Zhu, Junyan Zhu and Ruide Tu)

Ÿ Research on the Functional Requirements of Metadata for Scientific Data (Chunyan Qiu and Kerui Chen)

Ÿ Research on Neural Network-Based Automatic Proofreading Method for Chinese Ancient Decontextualized Books (Peiyan Song, Qingxiang Yang, Yuru Xie, Yuehan Lyu and Boshen Hu)

Ÿ Construction and Application of Standard-oriented Knowledge Graphs (Siliang Sun and Shengchun Ding)

Ÿ Ontology and Artificial Intelligence Support Network and Link Prediction for Rare Diseases Research (Yangfang Tai, Huili Yang and Ying Guo)

Ÿ The Current State of Research on Characterizing and Identifying False Health Information on Social Media and the New Challenges Posed by The AIGC (Fan Wang, Haowei Wang, Zhenyu Wang, Sumei Yao, Yunna Cai, Weiwei Ding and Qianwen Qian)

Ÿ Research on Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Knowledge Fusion model of Library Digital Resources (Zhongyi Wang)

Ÿ Analysis of Digital Resources Integration Path of Public Cultural Institutions: A Case Study of Tianjin (Xue Xiao and Tingxiao Liu)

Ÿ Research on the Construction of Online Public Opinion Event Evolutionary Graph by Integrating Deep Learning and Sequence Labeling --- Taking the "Silicon Valley Bank Bankruptcy" Incident on the Zhihu Platform as an Example (Yalong Xiao, Hao Feng, Chengzhang Zhu and Jie Feng)

Ÿ The Impact of Informatization on China's Labor Market in the Perspective of Knowledge Organization (Nanying Xu)

Ÿ Knowledge System Construction Ontology: Principles, Models and Methods---Thoughts Based on the National Standard "Knowledge Service Knowledge System Construction and Application (20220562-T-421)" (Xinxin Zhang, Yifan Yuan and Jingjia Ding)

Ÿ The "Insurance+Futures" Innovation Model of Wucheng Corn Helps Rural Revitalization (Yuzhi Zhang and Xiao Guo)

Ÿ Preliminary Research on Accurately Predicting How Scientific Research Users Select Literature Finely (Xin-Yue Zhou)

Ÿ Research on Knowledge Hoarding Behavior of Social Network Learning Users Based on Social Comparison Theory (Hongcan Zhu and Qianqian Peng)

Ÿ A Case Study and Rational Reflection on the Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage into Rural Culture Revitalization from the Perspective of the whole Life Cycle (Dongchang Jin, Jieming Liu, Jianing Cao, and Dongzeng Wei)

06.30 pm - 09.00 pm

Location: Banquet Hall, 3rd Floor, Hyatt


Thursday, 21st of March

08.00 am - 06.00 pm

Location: Lobby, 1st Floor, Hyatt

Registration desk - open

08.30 am - 10.00 am

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Roundtable - Knowledge Organization and Information Science

Bernard J. Jansen (Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar),

Naresh Agarwal (Simmons University, USA),

Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), and

Lu An (Wuhan University, China)

08.30 am - 10.00 am


Prof. Rick Szostak

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 3 - Knowledge Organization and Application

Ÿ Redesigning the Records Classification Framework for the Disposal and Information Service in Digital Environment (Ziyoung Park)

Ÿ Examining Influential Factors and Paths of Scholarly Information Search Difficulty through a Configuration Perspective: A Case Study of Graduate-Level Paper Composition (Yaqi Wang and Shujin Cao)

Ÿ Research on the Mechanisms Influencing the Perceived Usefulness of Mental Health Q&A Based on XAI: An Integrated Perspective of Elaboration Likelihood Model and Digital Therapeutic Alliance (Yinghui Huang, Sujie Meng, Junjie Wu, Jinyi Zhou, Wanghao Dong, Xinheng Han, Weijun Wang and Xiaofang Chen)

Ÿ Metadata Registry and Organizational Metadata Management in Times of Crises: The Experience of Medical Libraries in Iran (Seyed Mahdi Taheri, Nahid Gavili Kilaneh, Maryam Shekofteh, Maryam Kazerani and Negin Shokrzadeh Hashtroudi)

10.00 am - 10.30 am

Location: Outside Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor and Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Coffee break

10.30 am - 12.00 pm

Chair: Prof. Maja Žumer

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 4a - Concepts and Knowledge Representation

Ÿ A Comparative Study on the Approaches of Name Authority Control and Wikidata Identity Management (Chen Chen and Zhong Yuxuan)

Ÿ Knowledge Representation in Contested Archives: A Stemmatic Approach (L. S. Ascensão de Macedo, Carlos Guardado da Silva and Luís Corujo)

Ÿ Artificial Intelligence and Collective Collaboration to Create a Terminological Structure: Processes and Transparency (Catalina Naumis-Peña, Hugo Alberto Guadarrama-Sánchez and Adriana Suárez Sánchez)

Ÿ Cognitive Roots and Cognitive Units in KOSs: The basis of Structural Cognitive Analysis (Maziar Amirhosseini)

10.30 am - 12.00 pm

Chair: Xiaoli Li

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 4b - Knowledge Organization System and AI

Ÿ Recognizing AI Responses from Generative AI in Knowledge-Based Online Q&A Communities (Shengli Deng, Fan Wang, Minghao Pan and Sumei Yao)

Ÿ Pragmatic and Structuralist Semiotics: A Comparative Analysis of their Utility in Knowledge Organization Systems (Martin Thellefsen)

Ÿ Knowledge Organization Systems in Reference Works Specialized in Knowledge Organization: A Study of Punctual Terminology (Mario Barité, Mirtha Rauch, Varenka Parentelli)

Ÿ Evaluating Impact Factors of Middle-aged and Older Individuals’ Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Outpatient Service Using the Technology Acceptance Model (Ping Wang, Dongmei Mu, Weihang Xu, Xinyue Zhang, Xinyu Yang, Changcong Wang and Haitao Yu)

12.00 pm - 01.30 pm

Location: Café, 1st Floor, Hyatt


01.30 pm - 03.00 pm

Chair: Prof. Lu An

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

主旨报告 - Do data and knowledge need to be organized? ---The practices of National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Presentation in Chinese with English caption and slides)

Prof. Xiwen Liu

主旨报告 - Preprint Platform and Knowledge Organization (Presentation in English)

Prof. Jingli Chu

主旨报告 – Exploration of Knowledge Graph Construction and Application in the Era of GPT Mode (presentation in Chinese with English caption)

Director Changlong Sun

01.30 pm - 03.00 pm

Chair: Prof. Jingzhu Wei

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3th Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 5a - Domain Knowledge Organization

Ÿ Knowledge Organization Possibilities for Archives: Comparative Semantic Analysis between CIDOC-CRM and Ric-CM (Caliel Cardoso de Oliveira, Marieta Marks Löw, and Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros)

Ÿ Exploring the Relations between Epistemological Beliefs and Knowledge Construction Process in Search-As-Learning on Climate Change --- Evidence from Eye Tracking, Retrospective Reports and Interviews (Danyu Bao and Shujin Cao)

Ÿ An Ontology for Linking Chinese Classics Texts and its Commentaries (Mengjuan Weng, Xilong Hou, Jueying Lei and Xiaoguang Wang)

Ÿ The Evolution of Government Information Disclosure and Public Opinion During Public Health Emergencies: A Case Study of COVID-19 on Weibo (Jilisha Ma, Xubu Ma and Chunxiu Qin)

01.30 pm - 03.00 pm


Prof. Yuxiang Zhao

Location: Salon Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 5b - Ontology and knowledge graph

Ÿ Research on the Digital Storytelling of Biographical Knowledge Based on Ontology (Li Si and Yao Liu)

Ÿ Named Entity Recognition in Intellectual Property Compliance Knowledge Graph Based on Multiplex Networks (Jingzhu Wei and Peipei Zhu)

Ÿ TemPI: A Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion Model via Time Perception and Interaction (Zhengang Zhang, Chuanming Yu and Lu An)

Ÿ Construction of Financial Event Knowledge Big Graph: An Event-driven Knowledge Organization Framework (Zhenghao Liu, Shuaipu Chen and Zhijian Zhang)

Ÿ Constructing a Map of Contradictory Evidences Based on Semantic Triples: A Case Study of Cardiovascular Diseases (Wenjing Zhao, Nan Zhang and Jian Du)

03.00 pm - 06.00 pm

Joseph Busch (Taxonomy Strategies, USA),

Douglas Tudhope (University of South Wales, UK), and Marcia Zeng (Kent State University, USA)

Location: Salon Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

NKOS Workshop - Knowledge organization systems in artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence in knowledge organization systems

Ÿ Towards Taxonomy Management with Generative AI (Xia Lin and Xiyuan Chang)

Ÿ The Method and Evaluation of Use of LLMs to Build Science-Technology Relationships Ontology in Agriculture Domain --- Taking the Hull-less Barley as an Example (Chai Miaoling, Zhang Xian, and Dawazhuoma)

Ÿ AI-based Approaches to Automatic and Computer-Supported Resource Description in Archaeology (Isto Huvila and Ying-Hsang Liu)

Ÿ Automatic Datafication and Metadata Creation by AI in the Digital Humanities Research: A Case Study of Archives of Qing Secret Societies Sophy (Shu-Jiun Chen, Hsiang-An Wang, and Hsi-Yuan Chen)

Ÿ ISO 25964 Introduction (Margie Hlava)

Ÿ ISO 25964 Focus Group ( Joseph Busch and Marcia Zeng)

03.00 pm - 04.30 pm

Chair: Prof. Junzhi Jia

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3th Floor, Hyatt

Paper session 6 - Knowledge Organization of Academic Literature

Ÿ Knowledge Organization as a New Power for Indexing/Retrieval Languages Structures --- Example of Polish Experiences and Results against Global Tendency Perspectives (Wiesław Babik)

Ÿ Scientific Literature Recommendation and Knowledge Extraction for Emergency Needs (Lu An, Chenyu Wei and Chuanming Yu)

Ÿ Reflections on the Relations between Archival Science and Knowledge Organization: A Focus on Archival Classification (Wilson Roberto Veronez Júnior, Sonia Troitiño-Rodriguez, Daniel Martínez-Ávila, and Rosa San Segundo)

Ÿ Recommendation for Scholar Interdisciplinary Collaboration (Chaoguang Huo, Wenjing Li and Yueji Han)

03.00pm - 04.30pm


Prof. Changqing Yao

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Chinese Track 1 - Knowledge Graph Construction

Ÿ A Study on the Construction of Knowledge Map of Local Figures Oriented to Archival Text (Jingwen Qiu, Hao Wang, Yun Zhang, and Xiaomin Li)

Ÿ Research on the Construction Method of Knowledge Map for Hazardous Chemicals Emergency (Jingjing Wang, Xinping Yin, Zihan Sun, Yujia Zhai)

Ÿ A Study on Relation Extraction for the Narrative-oriented Text and Its Application to Knowledge Graph Construction of Chinese Communist Party History (Ruiyang Yuan, Zhaodi Wu, Ziyi Wang, and Hao Wang)

Ÿ Construction and Application of Knowledge Graph for Health Management of Major Chronic Diseases (Yimin Hong, Zhiying Bai, and Han Zhang)

Ÿ Research on the Knowledge Graph Construction of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of LLM and AIGC (Yucheng Chen, Jiangfeng Liu, and Fan Yang)

中文论坛1 知识图谱构建






04.30 pm - 05.00 pm

Location: Outside Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, and Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Coffee break

05.00 pm - 06.30 pm


Prof. Chuanming Yu

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Paper Session 7 - Knowledge organization for digital humanities

Ÿ Multidimensional Knowledge Representation and Semantic Enrichment of Linear Cultural Heritage Resources (Shaodan Sun and Jun Deng)

Ÿ Cross-Domain Knowledge Integrative Framework Based on Workflow of Digital Humanities Project (Yue Gong, Xiaoguang Wang and Ke Zhao)

Ÿ Subject indexing of LGBTQ+ fiction in Sweden and China (Daniel Ihrmark, Koraljka Golub and Xu Tan)

Ÿ Scholarly Communication in the Eyes of Polish Early Career Researchers in the Humanities, Theology and Arts - Assumptions and Objectives of the Research Project (Marzena Swigon)

Ÿ Music Cultural Heritage from Knowledge Organization Perspective (Camila Monteiro De Barros)

05.00pm - 06.30pm

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Panel 2 - Domain Analysis in Information Science and Knowledge Organization: Current Status, Progress and Prospect

Birger Hjørland (University of Copenhagen, Denmark),

Thiago Barros (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil),

Lin Wang (Hangzhou Dianzi University, China),

Natália Tognoli (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil), and

Regina Marteleto (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

06.30 pm-09.00 pm

Location: Café, 1st Floor, Hyatt


Friday, 22nd of March

08.00 am - 2.00 pm

Location: Lobby, 1st Floor, Hyatt

Registration desk – open

08.30 am -10.00 am

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Panel 3 - Building Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) for Chinese Cultural Heritage to Facilitate Data Sharing and Reuse (in Chinese)

Marcia Zeng (Kent State University, USA),

Xiaoguang Wang (Wuhan University, China),

Xilong Hou (Qufu Normal University, China),

Long Xiao (Peking University, China),

Mingyu Huang (Beijing University of Science and Technology, China), and

Wei Fan (Sichuan University)

专家讨论 - 建造适合中国文化遗产的知识组织系统,助推数据的共享与重用







08.30 am-10.00 am


Prof. Xiaobin Lu

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Chinese Track 2 - Concept and knowledge representation

Ÿ Research on Travelogue Texts Structured Knowledge Representation based on Event Logic Graph (Jun Peng, and Hailong Ju)

Ÿ Construction of Knowledge Representation Model in Public Health Emergencies for Information Disclosure (Yafan Xiang, Dongsu Liu, Xubu Ma, Chunxiu Qin, and Ying Shi)

Ÿ Study on Building Elements of Metadata Standard for Open Textbook (Xin Tang and Rui Wei)

Ÿ A Study of Terminology Interpretation Generation and Evaluation by Integrating TrustAI and AIGC technology (Yuanwen Wang, Li Han, and Peiyan Song)

Ÿ Research on Structured Parsing of Online Diagnosis and Treatment System Text Based on Prior Knowledge (Yao Liu, Yu Zhai, and Jiahui Zhou)

中文论坛2 - 概念与知识表示






08.30 am-10.00 am


Prof. Chunxiu Qin

Location: Salon Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Chinese Track 3 - Knowledge organization and knowledge discovery

Ÿ Identification, Abduction and Approach of Ethical Risk in Knowledge Organization (Junzhi Jia and Siqi Liu)

Ÿ A Study of the Scientific Collaboration Sustainability from the Perspective of Academic Age and Collaboration Scale (Xiaoting Liu, Hui Zhang, and Ying Huang)

Ÿ Research on Technology Filtering by Integrating S&T and Public Opinion Data Features (Lucheng Lyu, Zhou Jian, Zhanyi Zhao, Yajuan Zhao, and Xiwen Liu)

Ÿ Uncertainty Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Based on Semantic Predicate Mining and Uncertainty Calculating (Jinjing Guo)

Ÿ Motivations Behind Beauty: A Multifaceted Analysis of Health Information-Seeking Behavior Among Medical Aesthetics Users (Qianwen Qian, Sudi Xia, Dongyi Wang, Fan Wang, and Haowei Wang)

中文论坛3 - 知识组织与知识发现






10.00 am-10.15 am

Location: Outside Salon Hall 1 and 3, 3rd Floor, and Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Coffee break

10.15 am-12.00 pm

Location: Salon Hall 5, 6th Floor, Hyatt

Panel 4 - The Construction of Knowledge Organization Core Competency System (in Chinese)

Marcia Zeng (Kent State University, USA),

Shujin Cao (Shandong University of Technology, China),

Li Si (Wuhan University, China),

Yang Wang (National Library, China),

Junzhi Jia (Renmin University of China, China), and

Wei Fan (Sichuan University, China)








10.15 am-12.15 pm

Commenter: Prof. Haiqun Ma

Chair:Dr Chang Liu

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Doctoral Colloquium

Ÿ Role of Emotional Experience in AI Voice Assistant User Experience (Xiwei Wang, Yutong Liu, Siguleng Wuji, and Ran Luo)

Ÿ Opinion Consensus Game Model Based on Adjustment Preference in Social Network Group Decision Making for Recommendation (Yuanyuan Fu, and Decui Liang)

Ÿ Does Knowledge Entity Length Affect Scientific Writing Style? Bibliometrics Based on the Information Entropy Perspective (Jie Yang, Yuefen Wang, and Yonghua Cen)

Ÿ User Opinion Extraction and Fusion Based on Online Review with Time Distribution (Wen Cao, Decui Liang, and Haoxin Tang)

Ÿ A Comparative Study of Knowledge Dissemination within Dell User Support Forums in Chinese and English languages (Xuguang Li, Ziming Zhang, Xuekun Zhu, Yingying Lu, and Xiaofei Zhang)

Ÿ Research on the Discovery of Frontier Technology Checkpoint from the Perspective of Risk Event Structure Graph (Xu Gao, Rujiang Bai, and Xiaoyue Wang)

10.15 am-12.15 pm

Chair: Prof. Lin Zhang

Location: Salon Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Workshop on International Publishing Experiences Sharing (in Chinese)

Reflections on Choosing Publication Venues - Conference Proceedings or Journals

Huichuan Xia (Peking University, China)

Writing in Interdisciplinary Fields: Tailoring Content for Targeted Readership

Shijie Song (Hohai University)

Advancing Visualization in Scientometric Publications

Yi Bu (Peking University, China)

Networking and Discussion

12.15 pm-01.30 pm

Location: Café, 1st Floor, Hyatt


01.30 pm-03.00 pm

Chair: Prof. Shujin Cao

Location: Salon Hall 1, 3rd Floor, Hyatt

Closing keynote - Exploring the Divergences and Convergences of Knowledge Organization and Knowledge Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros

Prof Shujin Cao announces the Best Paper awards and the Best Doctoral Student Paper awards

The chief editors of journals announce the pre-acceptance of papers

03.00 pm-06.00 pm

Location: Gather in the lobby, 1st Floor, Hyatt

Tour the campus of Wuhan University