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Wei Feng Wins the 15th Wuhan University Top Ten Outstanding Youth (Students)

2022-05-24 09:21:46

On May 3, Wuhan University held the Theme Lecture of Wuhan University Youth Lecturers Group, and 2021 Commendation Meeting of the Communist Youth League Work. At the meeting, Wuhan University commended the 15th Wuhan University Top Ten Outstanding Youth (Students), and Wei Feng, a 2018-grade undergraduate of our school in the commendation list.

Jin Han, CPC Secretary of Wuhan University, presents awards to the winners of the 15th Wuhan University Top Ten Outstanding Youth (Students). The second one from the left is Wei Feng.

Wei Feng achieved the first of her majors in the comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate level, and of the ranking of examination-free graduate students qualifications. She has published three CSSCI papers and one international conference paper. As the leader and member, she successively promoted two projects won the national bronze prize and the national silver prize in the 7th China International College Students' "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. She served as a member of the Presidium of Wuhan University Student Union and SIM Student Union, Party Branch Committee, and Class Committee, and devoted herself to volunteer services such as teach-assistance in mountainous area and fighting the epidemic, with outstanding comprehensive performance. She won honors and awards such as the Self-improvement Stars of Chinese College Students, the Self-improvement Stars of Hubei College Students, Wuhan University Three Good Students, Wuhan University Outstanding Young Volunteers, Wuhan University Advanced Individual in Fighting Against COVID-19 Epidemic, Wuhan University National Scholarship, Wuhan University Lei Jun Scholarship, and won awards such as Hubei Province Excellent Practice Team, Wuhan University Top Ten Research Reports, special prize of Summer Social Practice, and Advanced Individual in Summer Social Practice.

Wei Feng receives award certificate from Jin Han.

The 15th Wuhan University Top Ten Outstanding Youth (Students) selected 10 students in total. The selection criterion requires that the candidates have firm ideals and beliefs, excellent political quality, strong feelings of home and country, excellent academic and ethic performance, achievements in academic research, invention, achievement transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, outstanding performance in social activities such as literature, art and sports, all-round development, strong demonstration, and leading role among students.