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Our School Won the Third Prize in the Chorus Contest of the 35th Wuhan University Golden Autumn Art Festival

2022-11-21 11:07:17

On the evening of October 15, the Chorus Contest of the 35th Wuhan University Golden Autumn Art Festival was held in Meiyuan Small Playground. The SIM Students Chorus scored 9.41 points in this contest and won the third prize.

In the contest, the SIM Students Chorus sang the praises of youth with two works, which wereOur SongandSend Me a Rose, with their vivid performance and vigorous spirit.

Our Songis gentle and soothing, as if the moonlight is flowing, and the blending of different voices presents a wonderful rhythm with distinct levels, harmony and nature. With the growing rhythm, the students devoted themselves fully, making the audience immersed in feeling the childish interest of childhood and the brilliance of youth, and "believing that the future will always belong to youth", and singing their own works.

Send Me a Roseshows romance and beauty with rose fragrance with two voices. The female voice is brisk, the male voice is vigorous, the melody is beautiful, stretching, lively and affectionate, the charm is lingering for a long time, and it runs to the bright distance with the enthusiasm of the youth.

The SIM students' love and devotion to chorus have made the golden autumn blossom. It is believed that they will continue to make unremitting efforts and create new glory in the future. As described in the two songs, students of the SIM will be full of passion and vigor, always striving for the future, shoulder to shoulder with the times, and composing songs of youth belonging to themselves!