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Our School’s Summer Social Practice Research Report was Selected into the Top 100 in China

2022-12-06 15:06:40

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China published the winner list of 2022 National Excellent Research Reports on Rural Areas Social Practice.

Digital Empowerment to Create Diverse Scenes,All-RoundCollaboration to Build Digital Villages —— A Research Report on National Digital Rural Constructionwas in the list. The report was written byShanyi Zhuand other students, and was instructed byJiang Wu, Professor at our School. It was the only award-winning works of Wuhan University.

The report was finished by the National Digital Rural Research and Practice Team, a special practice team of Wuhan University organized by our School. The team members include 61 undergraduate and graduate students of Wuhan University. They went to Deqing, Zhejiang Province, Anji, Zhejiang Province, Zigui, Hubei Province, Junlian, Sichuan Province and other pilot areas of digital villages in China to carry out field research from June to August this year. Through village visits, business visits, villagers' interviews, government meetings and other ways, they got an in-depth understanding of the current situation of digital village construction in China.

Based on the investigation results, the practice team comprehensively combed the current situation, experience and development bottlenecks of digital rural construction in various places.

In the report, the situation of digital rural construction in eastern economically developed areas, central economically rising areas and western relatively backward areas was compared horizontally, and targeted suggestions were put forward to promote the process of digital rural construction in China from the aspects of digital infrastructure, industrial transformation, digital governance and ecological maintenance.

The members of the team are mindful of the national rural revitalization strategy, measure the rural land with their footsteps, and jointly play the youth movement that takes on the mission of the times.

According to the work schedule for selecting 2022 excellent research reports on rural areas social practice, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China selected 100 excellent research reports in colleges and universities across the country through qualification examination, expert selection and result review.

This is the first time that our School has won this award, and it is also the result of the School's long-term adherence to education via practice, andapplyingtheory to practice.