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Our School Held 2023-grade Graduate Students Orientation Meeting

2023-10-10 16:03:48

On the afternoon of September 14, our School held an Orientation Meeting for 2023-grade Graduate Students. The Orientation Meeting was held virtually, Yaolin Jiang, CPC Deputy Secretary of our School, Xiaoguang Wang, Associate Dean of our School, teachers of the Postgraduate Education Management Office and the Postgraduate Students Affairs Office, and new graduate students attended the Meeting. Qiuyan Fan, Postgraduate Counselor, presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Xiaoguang Wang warmly welcomed the arrival of the 2023-grade graduate students, and introduced the School information from the aspects of development history and discipline construction. He put forward expectations for new graduate students as followings: Firstly, take on the historical mission. In the wave of digital transformation, cultivate the feelings of family and nation, clarify the direction of life; Secondly, to maintain enthusiasm. Graduate students are the main force of academic research, and only by maintaining inner intention and curiosity can one find something in scientific research; Thirdly, to strengthen the ideal. As a graduate student in the new era, he should be knowledgeable, eager to ask questions and think about the current, and live up to the expectations of the times and the people.

Fei Wang, Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Education Management Office, explained the postgraduate teaching management for new postgraduate students, and introduced in details the information management of students’ profile, the formulation of training plans and the selection of curriculum. She reminded students to pay attention to important issues such as the requirements of qualification articles and the review period so as to help them prepare for future study and research.

Qiuyan Fan, Postgraduate Counselor, introduced the routine work and related management requirements to new students from four aspects: scholarship application, academic practice, students management, and safety education. She emphasized the risks in loan via internet, and hoped that everyone should raise their awareness of fraud prevention and remind them to make career development plan as early as possible. She wished everyone spend a safe and fulfilling postgraduate time in Wuhan University.

Yaolin Jiang made a conclusion. He expressed his ardent expectations for the students in four aspects: cultivating character, enjoying study, living healthily and paying attention to safety. He encouraged everyone to carry forward the Boone Spirit in Wuhan University, cherish the study time, balance the relationship between study, scientific research and life, and learn to look at and think about problems from a positive and optimistic perspective.

After the Orientation Meeting, new graduate students held study navigation meeting by class. The study navigation meeting invited the teachers in charge of various degree programs to introduce the professional development, share the experience and methods of scientific research, and at the same time, communicate on how to adapt to graduate life. The class assistants of each class informed the recent events, activities and work, and organized the class leadership election.

This Orientation Meeting is the first educational event for new graduate students in our School. While helping new students understand the information of the School and programs, it also provides help for their follow-up scientific research and activities, and conveys the care of the School to new graduate students.