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School of Information Management,
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Wuhan, Hubei Province,
P.R.China. 430072

Ruhua Huang

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Ruhua Huang

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Associate Dean, Professor

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E-mail : Office : 86-27-68754439(O)

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Room 513, School of Information Management


• Information retrieval

• Information literacy

• Information organization

• Digital library

• Digital preservation

• Open access


• Information Retrieval(Undergraduate)

• Advances in Information Retrieval(Graduate)

• Hot Topics in Information Retrieval(Ph. D. Candidate)


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Government-funded grants

• 2014-2015, Open access to Scientific Data, China Scholarship Council(CSC), RMB 50,000

• 2014-2015, Theories and Methods of Digital Preservation, funded by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China(ISTIC), RMB 400,000

• 2010-2014, Innovating Theories and Methods of Information Organization in Social Network, funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences (NPOPSS), China, Project code: 10BTQ023, RMB 120,000

• 2007-2012, Library Administration in the Digital Age, Key Program of Key Research Institute in Humanities and Social Sciences, funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of P. R. China, Project code: 07JJD870221, RMB 200,000

• 2007-2011, e-Science Oriented Open Access to Digital Information Resources, funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) , China, Project code: NCET-07-209, RMB 200,000.

• 2003-2006, Optimizing Models of Networked Information Organization, funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences (NPOPSS), China, Project code: 03BTQ021, RMB 90,000


• 2014, Outstanding Teacher, Chinese American Library Association (CALA)

• 2014, Excellent ‘Quality Education’ Course for Undergraduates, China Association of Higher Education

• 2014, The 7th National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, First Prize(the fourth author)

• 2013, National Excellent Sharing Course, Ministry of Education (MOE), P. R. China

• 2013, National Excellent Course, MOE , P. R. China

• 2005, Excellent Teacher, Wuhan University

• 2003, Excellent Dissertation, Hubei Province

• 2003, Excellent Dissertation, Wuhan University


• 2015.3.- 2015.5 Senior Visiting Fellow, University of California, Berkeley

• 2012.10.- present Associate Dean, School of Information Management, WHU, China

• 2012.7 Annual Conference, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Helsinki,Finland

• 2001.9.-2012.9 Deputy Director, Department of Library Science, School of Information Management, WHU, China

• 2005.9.- present Professor, School of Information Management, WHU, China

• 2002.9.-2005.8. Associate Professor, School of Information Management, WHU, China

• 1999.9. - 2000.9. Visiting Scholar, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

• 1996.9.-2001.8. Instructor, School of Information Management, WHU, China

• 1990.7.-1996.8. Assistant, School of Information Management, WHU, China


• Consultant, UNESCO Information for All Programme (IFAP)

• Member, International Society of Knowledge Organization (ISKO)

• Peer Reviewer, International Information and Library Review(IILR)

• Deputy Director, Department of Education and Training, Library Society of China (LSC)

• Deputy Director, Library Society of Hubei Province