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School of Information Management,
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P.R.China. 430072

Jun Dai

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Jun Dai

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Associate Professor

Department: Information Management and Information System

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Room No:614


users’ information behavior ,knowledge management, system modeling and Supply chain management


•Management Information System

•Information System Project Management

•Information System Project Plan and Control

•Information system modeling


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(1)Project Management,Wuhan University Press,2002.12

(2)Information Systems Analysis and Design,Science Press,2003.8

(3)Information Systems Analysis and Design of E-Commerce,Wuhan University


Government-funded grants

(1) Project supported by the National national social science fundation of China (Grant No. 14BTQ068), the information behavior and characteristics of interdisciplinary collaborative based on information horizon

(2) Project supported by independent research projects fundation of Wuhan University(Grant No. WHXZ2011-02 ),The information sharing strategy of supply chain of Digital information resources

(3) Project supported by independent research projects fundation of Wuhan University(Grant No. 5081009),inter-basin water transfer project management theory and method of integration

Corporate-funded grants

The informatization training on company of Wuhan Tiancheng