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School of Information Management,
Wuhan University,
Wuhan, Hubei Province,
P.R.China. 430072

Yikun Xia

2020-10-16 17:23:03


Yikun Xia

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• Government data governance

•Data reuse/Data economy

•Digital Government


Multi-management of Public Information Resources, Wuhan University Press, 2007


Research on the Construction and Implementation of Government Data Governance Framework in the Big Data Era, funded by Social Science Foundation of China,2018

• Reconstruction of Public Information Resource Reuse System based on Open Data, funded by NSFC,2013

Research on the Access and Utilization Mode of Government Information Resources Based on E-government, funded by Social Science Foundation of China,2007


• Award the second prize of Social Sciences in Hubei Province, 2018

•Award the second prize of Graduate Education by Degree and Graduate Education Association2014

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