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The First National Doctoral Consortium in E-commerce

2022-09-08 15:10:22

On June 25, the First National Doctoral Consortium in E-commerce was held virtually. The theme of the Doctoral Consortium wasHigh-quality Development of E-commerce in Digital Economy Era, and it was organized by the Center for Studies of Information Resources, Wuhan University, Hubei E-Commerce University Association and our School.

Chuanfu Chen, Senior Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Wuhan University,Wei Lu, Dean of our School,Liyi Zhang, Professor at the Department of Electronic Commerce of our School, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches, expecting all the experts, scholars and graduate students attending the meeting to promote the construction of E-commerce discipline through exchanges and make contributions to the development of digital economy.Jiang Wu, Associate Dean of our School, presided over the opening ceremony.

In the keynote speech session,Yueting Chai, Professor at Tsinghua University,Jin Chen, Professor at University of International Business and Economics,Weiguo Fan, Professor at the University of Iowa,Kanliang Wang, Professor at Renmin University of China, andBo Fan, Professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, were invited to share virtually.

Yueting Chaigave a report entitledThoughts on the New Generation of E-commerce. He believes that E-commerce is an important starting point to promote the digital transformation of traditional industries and a driving force to develop the digital economy. On the one hand, enterprises, organizations and individuals should pursue independent digital form and image, on the other hand, they should pursue seamless integration into digital ecosystem. The development trend of E-commerce in the new era is holographic behavior subject and object, personalized portal, trusted interconnection and point-to-point intelligent transaction.

Kanliang Wang's sharing revolved aroundUsing Feedback to Boost Residents' Energy-saving Behavior. He proposed to learn from the theory of social value orientation and construct a set of new user performance feedback message framework, which are respectively matched with cooperation, individualism and competition. The altruism-self dichotomy, which is often used in the scenario of public products provision, adds a new element of competition, thus contributing to the literature of message framework.

Weiguo Fanfocused on the analysis ofHow Business Reputation Affects Product Reviews. He used the approximate experimental scenario brought by the policy change of eBay e-commerce platform to examine the influence and interaction of two electronic word-of-mouth marketing systems, product reviews and seller reputation. His research conclusion can provide meaningful suggestions and guidance for sellers and platforms.

Jin Chenfocused on the analysis of the national E-commerce projects in his report. He introduced the national E-commerce economic demonstration projects, and described the major issues of E-commerce economic development, including the international development capability of E-commerce economy, the development trend of the whole industrial chain of E-commerce, the data governance problems brought by E-commerce, and the theoretical system of E-commerce. He also discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by E-commerce economic development.

Bo Fandiscussed the research methods and paradigms of digital governance. He introduced the research topics, theoretical construction and research methods of digital governance. The research methods mainly include qualitative research, quantitative research, simulation research and big data research. From the perspective of seamless service and big data decision-making, he introduced the content paradigm of digital governance.

In the session of Excellent Paper Presentation and Exchange, 32 papers were presented and exchanged in four sub-venues. The theme of paper sharing in the I and III venue of meeting wasNew Mode, New Policy and New Development of E-commerce in the Digital Economy Era.Donglin Chen, Professor atWuhan University of Technology,Ziming Zeng,Professor at our School,Zhen Zhu, Professor at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan,Ying Hua, Professor at University of International Business and Economics, commented on the paper presentation,Yiwei Gong, Professor at our School, andWeiwei Yan, Associate Professor at our School, presided over the session.

The theme of paper sharing in the II and IV venue of meeting wasNew Technologies, New Theories and New Services of E-commerce in the Digital Economy Era.Yiwei Gong, Professor at our School,Guoyin Jiang, Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Chuanming Yu, Professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,Zhongbao Zhou, Professor at Hunan University, commented on the paper presentation,Nan Wang, Associate Professor at our School, andZhongyi Hu, Associate Professor at our School, presided over the session.

After selection, paper authorsYuyang Lifrom Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,Ying Chenfrom Xidian University,Minghong ChenandXiaoli Lianfrom Sun Yat-sen University, andShouqiang Sunfrom our School won the first prize of Excellent Paper.Bohua Dengand other 9 paper authors won the second prize of Excellent Paper.

Finally,Xiaoguang Wang, Professor and Associate Dean of our School, andYongqiang Sun, Professor and Associate Dean of our School, presented awards to the authors.Xiaoguang Wangconcluded this Doctoral Consortium, he expressed his hope to continue to communicate with experts, scholars and relevant organizations in the field of E-commerce, and jointly create a new stage of high-quality development of E-commerce.