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Professor Gang Li of Our School was Awarded the Title of "Good Tutor in My Ideal"

2019-12-17 14:21:48

On the evening of December 5, the 10th "Good Tutor in My Ideal" award ceremony was held in the main hall of the Humanities Museum. Xiankang Dou, President of Wuhan University, Xuemei Zhao, Deputy Secretary of Wuhan University Party Committee, and many teachers and students attended the ceremony and witnessed the birth of 10 teachers of "Good Tutor in My Ideal" including Professor Gang Li of our school.

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The 10th "Good Tutor in My Ideal" award ceremony of Wuhan University.

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Professor Gang Li's speech on Award.

After taking trophy from the hands of his students, Professor Gang Li expressed his gratitude to the university and students. He said that as one of the numerous students who once studied at Wuhan University, he met good tutors who never gave up teaching and guided him to make continuous progress on the academic road. Now, as a tutor himself, he has met a group of young, energetic and excellent students with ideas, which inspired him to innovate. "Courage, cooperation and responsibility", Professor Gang Li said affectionately. He hoped that the graduate students would become talents with ideals and responsibilities who could attach importance to the power of the team and learn to share with others so that they were able to work together to overcome difficulties and obstacles on the way forward, with full of courage to go ahead.

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 Xiankang Dou, President of Wuhan University and Professor Gang Li take group photo with students.

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Professor Gang Li

About Professor Gang Li:

Gang Li,  Director of Center for Studies of Information Resources at Wuhan University, which is one of key research bases of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Director of National Information Resource Management Wuhan Research Base, a Second-grade professor and doctoral supervisor, Editor-in-chief ofJournal of Information Resources Management, Head of ”Information Resources Management” funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the chief expert of a key special project of the National Key R&D Program of China, the chief expert of Central National Technology Transfer Center. He has managed the National Natural Science Foundation of China major project, and the National Social Science Fund of China, who is also member and secretary general of the Book Intelligence Professional Master Degree Postgraduate Education Instruction in the Country Members, Vice Director of China Information Economics Association. Professor Gang Li was a member of National Management Science and Engineering Education Instruction Committee andDirector of Hubei Electronic Commerce Association and so on. He has been devoted himself to the fields such as Information Resources Management, Data Organization and Smart City, who was awarded twice the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress award of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.