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Our School Delegation Went to Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi for Exchange

2024-05-15 14:38:01

A delegation of our School visited the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi from April 25 to 29. Members of the delegation include the followings:

Xingrong Fu, CPC Secretary of our School,

Ping Wang, Director of the Department of Archives and Government Information Studies,

Yi Chen, Deputy Director of the Department of Library Science,

Liang Zhao, Associate Researcher of the Department of Publishing Science.

On the afternoon of April 25, Nathalie Braz, Professor and President of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Bertrand Haan, Professor and Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Yann Rodier, Associate Professor and Director of the History Department had a discussion with our delegation. Nathalie Braz introduced the general information of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, and expressed his great expectation for rich exchanges and cooperation with Wuhan University in personnel training and scientific research. Xingrong Fu thanked Nathalie Braz for his warm reception and the delegation of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi for attending the celebration of the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University. He introduced the general information of our School and Wuhan University, and expressed the hope to carry out substantive cooperation with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

Soon afterwards, our delegation visited the History Department and had an exchange with Yann Rodier and Dr. Proscovia Svärd. Xingrong Fu introduced the general information of our School from the aspect of discipline development, personnel training, faculty management, and international exchange. Ping Wang, Yi Chen and Liang Zhao introduced the Department of Archives and Government Information Studies, Department of Library Science, and Department of Publishing Science respectively. Shang Peng, officer of the Office of International Affairs, Wuhan University, introduced the general information of Wuhan University’s international exchanges and cooperation, and introduced in detail all kinds of degree and non-degree programs offered by Wuhan University for international students.

The two sides discussed the joint laboratory construction, teachers' exchange visits, students' joint training, summer programs and students' scientific research practice, and initially drafted a cooperation agreement. The two sides expressed the hope that this exchange activity would be an opportunity to establish a long-term mechanism for cooperation between the two universities in many aspects.

On the morning of April 26, our delegation visited the National Library and Archives of the United Arab Emirates, and had a discussion with the curator and the heads of relevant departments. In the afternoon, with the guidance of Dr. Omar El Dakkak and Yann Rodier, the delegation visited the Sorbonne Artificial Intelligence Center and exchanged views on cooperation in the fields of mathematics and artificial intelligence.

This exchange has consolidated and deepened the friendship between Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and our School, and is an important measure for the School to strengthen the training of top-notch innovative talents and create a new pattern of international cooperation.